Collection: Classes

All of our classes are open to complete beginners and students having taken classes before. We only have 5 wheels so you will work very closely with your teacher and they will be able to adapt the class to your skill-level.

5-Week Classes

Create multiple pieces from start to finish.

2-Week Introductory Classes

Get a quick peek into wheel-throwing and learn about the process.

Private Classes

Enjoy a private class with family or some friends!

Open Studio

Practice your skills without a teacher! Recommended for students having taken at least two classes in the past.

The plant-filled pottery studio where we teach

We will prioritize open studio times for our past students. Our open studio is for hobbyists and can't support productions.

You will be able to buy the clay you want from the studio and use your own cone 6 glazes.

Our open studio is Thursdays from 6-9PM or Sundays from 2-5PM.

Get in touch with us to get more information and reserve your spot.

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