About me

Hello, I'm Michelle Ma, a ceramic artist and the founder of Atelier MA, a pottery studio located in the heart of Montreal. My passion for ceramics has deep roots in my rural Chinese upbringing, where I grew up in a house built with bricks meticulously crafted by my father. Our home was surrounded by my mother's garden, which both served as a playground and nurtured my deep love for nature.

At 18, I left my family to pursue a career in hairstyling, eventually finding my way to Montreal, Canada, after more than two decades working in some of the city's top hair salons. It was during this time that I reconnected with my artistic roots and rediscovered my true calling in the world of clay.

Over the years, I traveled frequently to China to expand my knowledge and expertise in ceramics, specializing in various disciplines like zisha, porcelain, and kintsugi, among others. One of my notable achievements includes designing exclusive dinnerware for local restaurants and lifestyle retailers.

In 2013, I established Atelier MA, a space where I not only create my ceramic art but also share my passion with others. Whether you're a curious beginner or an experienced ceramicist seeking an inspiring environment to hone your skills and creativity, Atelier MA welcomes everyone.

About my work

In my design philosophy, I prioritize the seamless fusion of practicality and beauty, always inspired by a deep connection to the natural world. As a result, my designs embrace minimalistic shapes and rugged textures. Whether it's a plate, teapot, container, vase, or decorative item, each of my unique creations is meticulously crafted for everyday utility while also possessing lasting sentimental value.

I personally conceive and produce each piece in my studio, ranging from comprehensive restaurant dinnerware collections to individual home pieces. Whether made from stoneware or porcelain, all of my creations undergo high-temperature firing, ensuring they are suitable for both oven and dishwasher usage.

About the atelier

Beyond being my dedicated workspace for designing and crafting my pieces, Atelier MA stands as a creative haven open to anyone eager to explore the realm of ceramics. Whether you're a novice seeking fundamental knowledge or an advanced learner aiming to refine your expertise, our studio welcomes all. Adorned with a lush array of numerous captivating plants, it resembles an urban oasis—a serene place where you can disconnect from the bustling world, unwind, and immerse yourself in the therapeutic experience of working with clay.

Every moment spent sculpting with clay is a source of joy, one that is best shared with loved ones, whether they be family, friends, or even colleagues. This is why Atelier MA serves as a nurturing community of kindred spirits who relish discussing our shared passions for pottery, design, forms, colors, and techniques, as well as engaging in conversations about other interests such as plants, culinary delights, and the culinary arts.