Pottery and Gastronomy: A Gourmet Fusion at Ekki Sushi and Bel-air Tremblant

We are delighted to present our collaboration project that will awaken your senses: an exceptional culinary experience where pottery takes center stage in the art of Ekki Sushi and Bel-air Tremblant.

In this unprecedented project, we have explored the alliance between artisanal pottery and haute cuisine. Each piece of pottery has been meticulously handcrafted to elevate the culinary creations of Ekki Sushi and Bel-air Tremblant.

Delicate dishes from both establishments are served on unique plates and bowls, reflecting the harmony between the art of cooking and the beauty of pottery. Every detail is carefully thought out to mesmerize your eyes while enhancing the exceptional flavors of each dish.

The creative process

Atelier Ma

Crédit Photo: EKKI SUSHI